CT Amy Martin *GSO*

März 1, 2012 - 3:57 pm No Comments

…und nun kommen meine Layouts, die ich in der letzten Zeit für Amy Martin erstellt habe:

Sketches: Busy Boy by Amy Martin, Mended 3x4 Cards by Amy Martin, Love & Grace Collaboration

GSO at DST: *klick*

Sketches: Whip it Up Fast v4 by Amy Martin, worn by one little bird and sahlin studio, Pic by Oldkoolsman

GSO at DST: *klick*

Girlie Love by Amy Martin, Boy Mini Stuff Kit by Dawn Inskip, Key to my Heart by Sahlin Studio, white paper from Seasons of Love by Amy Wolff, Pic by Maike Seifert Photography @ ms-photo-ruegen.de

Sketches: Vintage Angles 2 by Amy Martin, some flowers from Sweet Storytelling by Sahlin Studio, Grateful Heart Kit by Lisa Sisneros Designs, Pic by Danima

Mix it Up by Amy Martin, Rainy Days & Mondays by Allison Pennington, Very Small Alpha by Allison Pennington

Family Circle Collab by Amy Martin & Studio Basic, by Micheline Martin: Bo Jangles, The IT Chick; some papers by Jazzmin Designs

GSO at DST: *klick*

by Amy Martin: stitched love hearts, me time collab; by Micheline Martin: The IT Chick Little Miss Attitude

by Amy Martin: Betwined Love, Four(x6) Stitched Frames, Winter Chevies, me time collab, Perfect Pear by Kaye Winiecki, key to my heart (elements) by Sahlin Studio

Tiny Alphas by Amy Martin, me time collab by Amy Martin, Pic by me

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