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Oktober 11, 2012 - 2:42 pm No Comments

Voll da ist er-der Herbst…Ich finde es schon traurig daß der Sommer rum ist und die kalte Jahreszeit bevorsteht…

2 neue Layouts habe ich, beide sind hauptsächlich mit Zubehör von Amy Martin und Sahlin Studio entstanden!

October Template Freebie by Amy Martin, Retro Mod by Sahlin Studio, embroidery yarn flowers: retro by Sahlin Studio, Autumn Mixed Media by Sahlin Studio, Autumn Word Art by Sahlin Studio, precocious (papers) by Sahlin Studio, RAK for Maike (Pics by Maike Seiffert @

Bingo Time: Fall by Amy Martin, Retro Mod by Sahlin Studio, Autumn Mixed Media by Sahlin Studio, Autumn Word Art by Sahlin Studio, Embroidery Yarns Retro by Sahlin Studio, All Stitched by Kitty Designs, September Foundations by Crystal Livesay, RAK for Maike (Pics by Maike Seiffert @

Freitag, 5. Oktober…

Oktober 5, 2012 - 7:23 pm No Comments

Freitag…da gibt es in den meisten Shops die neuen Sachen…

Für Amy Martin habe ich dieses LO erstellt:

From the new October BYOC at TLP: by Amy Martin: Feeling Fall Papers, Machine Mess Stitching, Whip It Up v5, by Valorie Wibbens: Banana Cake Elements and Papers Sprinkles V8, by Sahlin Studio: dark room (papers), Pic by Marika Burder Photography, used with permission

Auch für Sahlin Studio habe ich Neues vom Oktober BYOC bei The Lilypad benutzt *klick*

everything by Sahlin Studio: dark room (papers,) tabbed folders, stamped sentiments, I also used elements from Grandma's Dresser and A Spring Day, Angled Templates V1 by Crystal Livesay, RAK for Maike (Pic by Maike Seiffert @

Außerdem habe ich noch das neue Kit von Honey Heart Designs verbastelt:

Click Now! by Honey Heart Design, Monkey Business by Jimbo Jambo Designs, Pic by Sandra-Chelisa

So, das war’s…

Für mein CT bei Amy Martin…

März 25, 2012 - 8:39 pm No Comments

…habe ich dieses LO erstellt:

mended cards Vol 03 by Amy Martin, they once were by Amy Martin, Zoey by Amy Wolff, all about you Wordart by Julia Makotinsky, Pic by Maike Seifert Photography @

Mishmashed Sentiments – Spring und Deeply Painted: Months by Amy Martin

März 13, 2012 - 6:06 am No Comments

Auch von Amy Martin gibt es Neues!

Hier geht es zu ihrem Shop bei The Lilypad: *zum Shop*

Wieder neue Words von Amy Martin:

Mein LO:

Cutting Files: Mishmashed Sentiments - Spring by Amy Martin, Challenge Freebie Template 02/2012 by Amy Martin, Olive Tree Kit by Sara Gleason, Bird from That's Not My Clover by Erica Zane, Pic by me

Für mein zweites LO habe ich dieses neue Pack verwendet:

Mein LO:

Deeply Painted: Months by Amy Martin; Splatterific 13 by Karah Fredricks; Papers from Micheline Martin; Elements from Karah Fredricks, Sahlin Studio, Valorie Wibbens, Allison Pennington, Lauren Reid

Sparkle Stars Collection by Kitty Designs

März 13, 2012 - 5:42 am No Comments

Eine tolle neue Collection von Kitty Designs, es ist ganz viel dabei…natürlich auch alles in Einzelpacks erhältlich!

*zum Shop*

Mein LO:

Sparkle Stars Collection by Kitty Designs, March 2012 Template Freebie by Amy Martin, Pic by Anna Lindqvist

Tabbed Board Frames und Puddle Round Alphas by Amy Martin

März 3, 2012 - 3:30 pm No Comments

Ich habe hier zwei ganz neue Produkte von Amy Martin verbastelt, beides bei The Lilypad erhältlich:

Kombiniert habe ich mein LO mit weiteren Produkten aus dem März BYOC:

Tabbed Board Frames by Amy Martin, Puddle Round Alphas by Amy Martin, Me Time by Amy Martin, Happy Thoughts Elements and Papers by Valorie Wibbens, Splatterific 15 by Karah Fredricks, turquoise flower from Things that matter most Collab, white flower from Practically Perfect by Sahlin Studio, Pic by Maike Seifert Photography @

Auf dem GSO Finger Pointing Blog 10. Februar

März 1, 2012 - 8:06 pm No Comments

Ich freue mich riiiiiesig daß mein LO auf dem Finger Pointing Blog ist!!!

*hier entlang*

Lovely Day kit by Camomile Designs, Garland Templates v3 by Amy Martin

CT Amy Martin *GSO*

März 1, 2012 - 3:57 pm No Comments

…und nun kommen meine Layouts, die ich in der letzten Zeit für Amy Martin erstellt habe:

Sketches: Busy Boy by Amy Martin, Mended 3x4 Cards by Amy Martin, Love & Grace Collaboration

GSO at DST: *klick*

Sketches: Whip it Up Fast v4 by Amy Martin, worn by one little bird and sahlin studio, Pic by Oldkoolsman

GSO at DST: *klick*

Girlie Love by Amy Martin, Boy Mini Stuff Kit by Dawn Inskip, Key to my Heart by Sahlin Studio, white paper from Seasons of Love by Amy Wolff, Pic by Maike Seifert Photography @

Sketches: Vintage Angles 2 by Amy Martin, some flowers from Sweet Storytelling by Sahlin Studio, Grateful Heart Kit by Lisa Sisneros Designs, Pic by Danima

Mix it Up by Amy Martin, Rainy Days & Mondays by Allison Pennington, Very Small Alpha by Allison Pennington

Family Circle Collab by Amy Martin & Studio Basic, by Micheline Martin: Bo Jangles, The IT Chick; some papers by Jazzmin Designs

GSO at DST: *klick*

by Amy Martin: stitched love hearts, me time collab; by Micheline Martin: The IT Chick Little Miss Attitude

by Amy Martin: Betwined Love, Four(x6) Stitched Frames, Winter Chevies, me time collab, Perfect Pear by Kaye Winiecki, key to my heart (elements) by Sahlin Studio

Tiny Alphas by Amy Martin, me time collab by Amy Martin, Pic by me

Neues von Amy Martin @ The Lilypad

Januar 27, 2012 - 9:10 pm 1 Comment

Sooo schöne Sachen gibt es wieder von Amy!!!

Hier meine LO’s:

by Amy Martin: Lovey Love Hearts, They Once Were Templates 2, by Micheline Martin: The IT Chick, Little Miss Attitude

Add a Date Stickies by Amy Martin, They once were 2 templates by Amy Martin, I'll love you forever by Sahlin Studio, The IT Chick by Micheline Martin, Magical Splatter 1 by Kitty Designs, Pic by Anna Lindqvist

Hier mit Elementen und Kit von Erica Zan:

Skinny See Thru Alphas by Amy Martin, Tilt Templates v3 by Amy Martin, Sketchy by Erica Zane, Sketchy {bonus alphas} by Erica Zane, Black Magic by FruitLoop Sally, Pic by Anna Lindqvist

Kickit: Photos by Amy Martin

Januar 27, 2012 - 8:51 pm No Comments

Auch ganz neu sind diese Templates von Amy Martin @ The Lilypad:

Kickit: Photos by Amy Martin, You make me Smile by Sabrina Dubre, Journal it by Sabrina Dubre, The Bliss Project by Gina Miller, Life Recorded Stamps by CD Muckosky, Camera by Micheline Martin, Pics by me